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Group Purchasing Discount Programs

National Waste Associates is pleased to announce and launch a valuable new benefit to our registered haulers; "Group Purchasing Discounts". Our Purchasing Department has set up a Group Purchasing Organization on behalf of our Customers and Haulers.

As the pressure of our industry continues to drive revenue down, NWA understands the necessity to offset that with expense reductions. We value our relationships with haulers and hope to in turn add additional value to your relationship with us as well.

Currently discounts are available for:

More programs will be coming on-board in the future.

How to Use

Registered haulers can access the Group Purchasing Discount Program by logging in, then clicking on the program icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. Log in to the program with your Hauler ID and Password.

If you have not been assigned a password and ID, then call to speak with Elizabeth Johnson at 860-430-5000 (220) and she will be glad to assist you immediately.

Group Purchasing Discount Program

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